Noray – PH Foundation

Noray – PH Foundation Through the Proyecto Hombre, Noray- PH Foundation and Fundación Iberdrola España seek to help people with substance abuse problems. The €40,000 funding from Fundación Iberdrola España will provide support for 300 men and women. The Noray- PH Foundation and Fundación Iberdrola España have been collaborating since 2016 in the creation of … Read more

Integra Foundation

Iberdrola supports the fight against gender violence through employment Fundación Iberdrola España and Fundación Integra join forces to promote the employability of women victims. The ‘Illuminating employment’ project will have 80 participants and will be financed with 35,000 euros. Iberdrola, through its foundation in Spain, and the Integra Foundation are launching ‘Illuminating employment’, an initiative … Read more

AMACMEC Association

AMACMEC Association The “Mucho por vivir” project of AMACMEC Association will provide psychological and social care to 400 women affected by breast cancer. Fundación Iberdrola España provides funding of €14,000 to the organization to carry out the project. Fundación Iberdrola España and the AMACMEC Association have been collaborating on the creation of this social project … Read more