We visited the social project of Save the Children in Illescas

We visited the social project of Save the Children in Illescas

To see first hand the social project to combat child poverty carried out by Save the Children with our collaboration, we visited its facilities in the Toledo town of Illescas.


This project aims to prevent, reduce and eliminate risk situations.

The director of the Iberdrola Spain Foundation, Ramón Castresana, attended the visit; the delegate of the company in Castilla-La Mancha, Venancio Rubio; the mayor of Illescas, José Manuel Tofiño; and the director of Save the Children, Andrés Conde. During the tour of the facilities, they have known this initiative and activities that have been implemented to combat child poverty and enabling social integration of this group into the environment.

In particular, this project that we support for the third consecutive year; aims to prevent, reduce and eliminate risk situations, minimizing the impact that poverty is causing on children, youth and their families, with interventions that promote the integral development of the recipients in the personal, family, social and educational spheres.

Este proyecto social se desarrolla en el Centro de Atención a la Familia y Adolescencia de Illescas.

This social project is developed at the Center of Care for Family and Youth of Illescas, managed by Save the Children since its inception in 2006. 180 children and adolescents at risk of poverty and / or social exclusion, selected by social services from the locality, participate in this project. They also work in a complementary way with their relatives or people in their environment. The main tools of intervention are education, recreation and leisure, psychosocial support for children, adolescents and their families, and improving employability skills in young people.