The Albacete Wildlife Recovery Centre, a facility of the Junta located on the Ayora road, now has a digital radiograph, equipment donated by the Fundación Iberdrola España that will improve the work of the professionals who attend to this resource. The Deputy Regional Minister for the Environment of Castilla-La Mancha, Fernando Marchán, attended the installation of the resource, from which he highlighted that it will allow diagnostic tests to be carried out on injured animals more quickly, to have a database of the results and to reduce the chemicals used in the X-rays. The analogue radiograph will be removed by an authorised manager, as explained by Marchán, who highlighted the foundation’s collaboration in the mixed species recovery programmes carried out by the regional government.

With regard to the recovery plans for endangered species, Marchán recalled that on Wednesday a specimen of Iberian lynx was released in the Montes de Toledo and highlighted the programmes aimed at the imperial eagle, black vulture or black stork, “species that we hope not only to recover but also to stabilise and that very soon we will be able to say that they are not in danger”.

The Deputy Minister extended his thanks to the Fundación Iberdrola España, The director of the Iberdrola group’s Foundations Committee, Ramón Castresana, attended the event on behalf of this entity, and said that “today we are taking another step forward in our collaboration with the Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government throughout the territory”. According to him, the radiograph represents an advance “in the incorporation of new technologies in the Recovery Centre, where we have already collaborated in the past because we are committed to contributing to the conservation of biodiversity”.