Fundación Iberdrola España in the face of the COVID pandemic19

Fundación Iberdrola España in the face of the COVID pandemic19

The Iberdrola España Foundation in the face of the COVID pandemic19

As part of its commitment to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, Iberdrola, through its Foundation, is updating its Social Programme and setting up different mechanisms to help mitigate the effects of this pandemic. We want to help society by supporting the most vulnerable groups through various forms of collaboration in the short and medium term.

EMERGENCY FOR MORE VULNERABLE PEOPLE: Interested social entities can send proposals for specific initiatives through the letterbox

COVID CRISIS RESPONSE 19: We promote alliances with public institutions and social entities aimed at mitigating the effects of the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic throughout the year 2020.

CALL FOR SOCIAL PROGRAMME 2021: Alliances with non-profit organisations with a budget of 1.2 million euros which is redirected through five lines of action in the context of the negative social impact of COVID 19 (More information on the programme’s website). The Foundation’s social action will prioritise its actions in the areas of child poverty, inclusive education, social inclusion of people with disabilities, health and welfare and support for women.

Iberdrola’s commitment in Spain to the COVID19 pandemic

At present the Foundation has more than forty social projects underway with a budget of 1.2 million euros which continue to be implemented in accordance with the standards and recommendations of physical distance and hygiene. We value the joint effort we are making with social organizations to continue our work to help the most vulnerable people.

The Foundation thus joins the social commitment of Iberdrola, which has also made a purchase of health material valued at 22.1 million euros for respirators, health suits and masks. The company has undertaken to allocate at least 25 million euros to donating equipment in coordination with the public authorities, as well as to adopt other measures to contain the advance of the pandemic and guarantee electricity supply to the public

In addition, Iberdrola has a programme to protect customers in a vulnerable situation in order to ensure the supply of energy to economically disadvantaged citizens. This programme includes the concept of a social bonus, through agreements with various public bodies and NGOs, in order to protect customers who cannot pay their gas and electricity bills.