Fundación Iberdrola España supports the social project “Work Inclusion Hub” of the AMICOS Association

Fundación Iberdrola España supports the social project “Work Inclusion Hub” of the AMICOS Association

  • The Foundation will allocate 1.2 million in Spain to finance 35 projects aimed at helping the most vulnerable groups.

Galicia, April 20, 2022.

Through its Foundation in Spain, Iberdrola supports the “Work Inclusion Hub” project of the AMICOS association as part of its Social Program 2022.

The president of Fundación Iberdrola España, Fernando García Sánchez, the director of Fundación Iberdrola España, Ramón Castresana, and the head of the Social Area of Fundación Iberdrola España, Teresa Rodríguez de Tembleque, visited this morning the AMICOS facilities where this project is being developed, which focuses on training young people (18 to 35 years old) with various intellectual disabilities living in rural areas and at risk of social exclusion to integrate them into the labor market of the area in which they reside.

The Social Program of Fundación Iberdrola España has programmed for this year the collaboration with 35 social entities, benefiting more than 40,000 people, for which 1.2 million euros have been allocated. The measures are aimed at contributing to social development and improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups.

Of the total number of initiatives, 40% are aimed at preventing situations of poverty and social exclusion, prioritizing the fight against child poverty; 10% address the improvement of health and welfare; another 38% are aimed at the social inclusion of people with disabilities and the remaining 12% are aimed at supporting women.

The projects, developed by national and local non-profit organizations with proven experience, obtain funding of up to a maximum of 40,000 euros. The focus of their efforts is social insertion, with special attention to children, people with disabilities, people with serious illnesses, and women. Volunteer work and the creation of direct employment are also encouraged. In this edition alone, the program will generate more than 218 direct jobs.

AMICOS Association

Amicos is a non-profit association for the care and integration of people with intellectual disabilities, autism, paralysis, brain damage, and their families.

It was founded in 2000 by a group of parents motivated by the need to create a center that would professionally attend to the needs of their sons and daughters with severe intellectual disabilities. Thus, after years of effort, in 2004 the Amicos Association Day Center opened its doors, becoming the only center approved by the Family Department of the Xunta de Galicia in the Barbanza region. Progress continued with the launching in 2007 of an Occupational Center, where occupational training activities are carried out for people with intellectual disabilities to enable them to fight for their social and labor insertion.

In 2008, in response to the needs of the families of disabled minors and the great demand for direct attention to this group, Amicos opened a Special Education Center. In 2014, one of the Association’s dreams came true: the opening of a Residence for people with severe disabilities who do not have the support of a family.

Amicos is still working today to ensure the welfare of people with intellectual disabilities, contributing to generating opportunities and offering support to the life projects of people with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, brain damage, and their families.

Iberdrola Spain Foundation has been collaborating with the Amicos association since 2018 by financing various programs.

Thanks to this collaboration more than 600 people with intellectual disabilities receive personalized guidelines that facilitate and boost their adaptation to a new situation they are facing, also working with their social and work environment.

Fundación Iberdrola with its Social Program

Iberdrola, through the Social Program of its Foundation in Spain, has allocated more than 11 million euros to social initiatives in the country and helped a total of 414,546 people. Since the launch of this Plan in 2010, the company has promoted more than 441 projects in collaboration with more than one hundred social entities, contributing to the fight against child poverty, school support, and the social integration of children, young people, and women in vulnerable situations. The Social Program has enabled the creation of 1,630 jobs and the participation of 7,648 volunteers.

Fundación Iberdrola España also focuses its activities on its scholarship program in the fields of energy, biodiversity and environment, and research, as well as in the cultural field, focusing on the restoration and maintenance of the cultural and artistic riches of the Iberian Peninsula’s heritage.