Integra Foundation has obtained more than 7,000 jobs for women victims of violence

Integra Foundation has obtained more than 7,000 jobs for women victims of violence

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to be celebrated on November 25, Integra Foundation highlights that so far this year, nearly 400 women victims have joined the labor market, thanks to the companies that are part of the Compromiso Integra network.

Since 2001, Integra Foundation has obtained 21,500 jobs for people in exclusion, and of them, more than 7,000 have been for women victims of violence.

Through the campaign ‘A job changes your life.. María was saved’, Fundación Integra focuses on the importance of women victims of violence getting a job not only to change their lives but also to save them. A decent job is for them a real way out of violence and is also a lifeline for women like Maria.

“Work has not only saved my life and that of my son, but it has also made me feel that I am useful and that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to, I can think about the future and have the possibility of providing my son with an opportunity as well. I wake up every morning wanting to live”, these are the words of Maria, one of the women victims who knocked on Fundación Integra’s door in search of a new life, free and without fear, which she got thanks to a job.

Every year, more than 400 women like her join the labor market thanks to the Compromiso Integra Network, made up of over 68 companies involved in socially responsible employment.

In addition, as part of this year’s campaign, the Foundation has given awareness and sensitization workshops on violence to make this problem visible among the employees of companies such as Grupo ACS, Grupo Sagital, Iberia, Línea Directa, and Palladium Hotel Group, among others.

In its commitment to women victims, the Integra Foundation works hand in hand with entities such as the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse, Concepción Arenal, FMP (Federation of Progressive Women), Cimascam, Asociación Victoria, among others. Also, since 2010, the Foundation has collaborated with the Women’s Institute, being one of the leading entities in the fight against violence and actively participating in the initiative ‘Companies for a society free of gender violence’, which aims to promote the involvement of companies in achieving a society free of violence against women and promote the social and labor integration of this group.