Over eight hundred thousand euros allocated for women’s projects

Over eight hundred thousand euros allocated for women’s projects

  • In the last year, Fundación Iberdrola España has significantly increased the number of projects aimed at this group.
  • Through its foundation, Iberdrola supports women to continue their studies, find a job, and overcome situations of vulnerability.

Every year, Fundación Iberdrola España reinforces its commitment to women. During the 2021-2022 period, various initiatives have been developed to support this group, which, for yet another year, continues to be one of the main pillars of the group’s development.

The Cátedra Mujer STEM Sostenibilidad y Movilidad project, in collaboration with the Empresa Municipal de Transporte de Madrid (EMT) and the Universidad Pontifica de Comillas, is committed to promoting the presence of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers, a largely male-dominated sector.

The foundation supports the Empieza por Educar Foundation, which selects young university students to teach for two years in educational centers in disadvantaged environments in pursuit of the academic and skills growth of their students, while they receive training and support to maximize their impact. The foundation finances five scholarships for women in STEM careers so that they can also act as references among the female collective and thus promote the participation of women in the STEM Universe.

Within the initiative of the Regional Ministry of Castilla-La Mancha included in the Youth Employment Program of the European Social Fund, and in collaboration with Save the Children and Ayuda en Acción, the Inspira II Program and the REACTIVA Program were created, aimed at young men and women in vulnerable situations, unemployed and not integrated into the formal education systems, to offer them practical training that will allow them to find a job opportunity or motivate them to return to the educational system through a training program in Green Economy.

In the Social Action area, thanks to its Social Program, this year Fundación Iberdrola España has collaborated with 10 social entities that specifically support women, for which more than 280,000 euros have been allocated. The projects are aimed at contributing to social development and improving the quality of life of women in vulnerable situations.

Thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Iberdrola España with all these initiatives, more than 2,000 women have benefited and received support, both to receive quality education under equal conditions and to overcome situations of extreme need.