• Fundación Iberdrola España has invested more than 70,000 euros in this new display case containing the clothing of King Boabdil
  • The assembly of the different elements to be exhibited in the display case has been carried out, leaving it in perfect condition and in perfect working order for its exhibition to the public

Toledo. Iberdrola, through its foundation in Spain, has renovated the display case containing the clothing of King Boabdil, belonging to the permanent collection of the Museo del Ejército to contribute to the enhancement of this collection in Castilla – La Mancha.

The project, which required an investment of more than 70,000 euros, is part of one of the main lines of activity of Fundación Iberdrola España: cultural development and conservation of historical and artistic heritage.

The ceremony was attended by the 2nd Lieutenant General JEME, Carlos Palacios; the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Iberdrola España, Antonio Miguel Carmona and the Chairman of Fundación Iberdrola España, Fernando García.

Among other actions, the current display case has been removed and a new display case has been supplied, measuring approximately 200x125x300 cm. in height, as well as lighting in the upper part of the case by means of 40 adjustable LEDs with side opening. This showcase meets the highest standards of safety and watertightness that allows, finally, the contemplation of the assembled set.

The renovation of the showcase is another example of Iberdrola’s commitment to Castilla – La Mancha and its permanent purpose of promoting the social value of culture and conservation of the historical and artistic heritage of the region.

Fundación Iberdrola, commited to culture

Since its creation, Iberdrola has been committed to the energy, cultural and social development of the communities in which it operates. In this regard, Fundación Iberdrola España represents a further step in this commitment, by promoting initiatives that contribute to improving people’s quality of life. One of theFoundation’s main areas of action focuses on the care, maintenance and promotion of art and culture.

This project is in addition to others that the company has carried out in Castilla-La Mancha in recent years, including the illuminations of the Monastery of Uclés, the Old Bridge of Talavera de la Reina and the Plaza Mayor of Sigüenza, among others, as well as exhibition projects such as El Prado en las Calles.