iMpulsa PROJECT – An Education that Breaks Barriers

iMpulsa PROJECT – An Education that Breaks Barriers

Fundación Iberdrola España has signed a collaboration agreement with Ayuda en Acción for the development of the iMpulsa Project in Extremadura.

This collaboration aims to prevent early school dropout, favoring educational continuity and improving the skills of young people for their incorporation into the labor market. The focus is on VET groups and degrees related to the electricity sector.

The project is aimed at various technical specialties and Basic Vocational Training (FP Basic, FP Medium, and FP Superior): Electricity, Computer Science, Manufacturing and Assembly, Heat and Cold Production Installations, Maintenance of Thermal and Fluid Installations, Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Energy.

It is developed in the following Institutes:

  • IES San Roque – Badajoz (106 students) (Badajoz).
  • IES San José – Badajoz (160 students) 
  • IES Arroyo Harnina High School – Almendralejo (48 students)
  • IES Extremadura – Mérida (54 students)

Possible complementary activities, adapted depending on whether the group is of basic, intermediate, or higher vocational training:

  • “Master Class” on-site, taught by Iberdrola Volunteers.
  • Workshops
  • Visits to Iberdrola facilities
  • Online classes

Within the framework of this project, two Iberdrola volunteers gave 2 informative talks on November 29.

Vicente Mendoza Cardenal, and Iván García Simón, from Iberdrola’s Territorial Distribution Unit, will tell what “a day in the life of an electrician” is like. Electrical installations in High, Medium and Low Voltage”, where they will talk about the generation, transport, and distribution of electrical energy, transformation centers, distribution network, installations and customer incidents and accidents, and electrical risks, where electrical material will also be used to support the talk.

On the other hand, Jose Manuel Bellot Martin, responsible for Project Development and Promotion in Extremadura with a degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering, will give the talk “Sustainability. Green Hydrogen” where the topics of Sustainability, Circular Economy, Energy Transition and Green Hydrogen.