AMACMEC Association

AMACMEC Association

  • The “Mucho por vivir” project of AMACMEC Association will provide psychological and social care to 400 women affected by breast cancer.
  • Fundación Iberdrola España provides funding of €14,000 to the organization to carry out the project.

Fundación Iberdrola España and the AMACMEC Association have been collaborating on the creation of this social project since 2018. The entity ensures that the affected women receive psychological care completely free of charge. In addition, they conduct self-help and personal enrichment workshops, where they can create a climate of trust in a safe environment in which to share their experiences and feelings.

In addition to the “Mucho por Vivir” project, the organization has the “Proyecto Madrinas,” a volunteer project that seeks to enable women who overcame breast cancer years ago to accompany those recently diagnosed, guiding them in their process and offering them support.


The project consists of three key areas:

  1. Area of Adaptation to the disease”: recognition of the disease and psychological help for patients and the steps to follow according to the severity of the cancer and according to the treatments. Patients’ families also receive support and are offered workshops to develop emotional skills to cope with the disease.
  2. Social and Labor Reinsertion Area”: Once the patient has overcome the disease, she receives the necessary resources to lead a “normal life” in all senses. Within this area, there is a social work service, where the economic, social, and labor consequences of the affected woman are worked on.
  3. “Leisure and Coexistence Area”: Natural help bonds are fostered through recreational and/or therapeutic activities, weaving solidarity, and self-help networks among the affected women.

Thanks to the project created by Fundación Iberdrola España and the AMACMEC Association, 400 women affected by breast cancer will receive the necessary support throughout their treatment and recovery.