Gizakia association visit

Gizakia association visit

  • Fundación Iberdrola España and Fundación Gizakia continue to collaborate in the project to develop training itineraries for women
  • Thanks to the funding of €40,000 from Fundación Iberdrola España, 1,100 women will receive job training

Fundación Iberdrola España and Fundación Gizakia collaborate since 2019 in the development of this project. This is focused from a gender perspective, on unemployed people or with temporary or precarious employment, with difficulties to join the labor market for various reasons. The entity seeks to work with this group in the development of its skills.

In addition, and for its therapeutic work, it is worth mentioning that this year the Gizakia Foundation received the Gold Medal of the Order of Merit of the National Drug Plan.

Employment Orientation Process:

· Individualized diagnosis and elaboration of employability profile

· Elaboration of CV and cover letter

· Elaboration and development of activity itinerary

· Job search workshops, through group actions to acquire competences 

Our professionals use a methodology based on the following intervention principles:

  • Equal opportunities from a gender perspective transversal to all actions.
  • Consideration of the person as the central axis and protagonist of the process and therefore of the intervention.
  • Promotion of autonomy, responsibility, and participation of the person in the process of social and labor inclusion.
  • Development of personalized itineraries based on the needs, interests, and potentials of each person.

Individual and group activities will be carried out, including workshops to prepare for job interviews and the use of new technologies for job searches.

Visit to Gordexola Training Center and Therapeutic Community