ARELA Association

ARELA Association

  • Fundación Iberdrola España and the Arela Association collaborate one more year to help children in poverty and social exclusion in Galicia
  • Thanks to the funding of over €15,400 from Fundación Iberdrola España, 23 children will receive school support in the Day Care Centers of the Arela Association

The two Day Care Centers that the Arela Association has, offer help in the development of skills and reinforcement classes for children and adolescents from preschool to 18 years of age. In the Day Centers, different areas are addressed globally: nutrition, coexistence, health and behavioral self-management, effective, family, leisure, and free time, among others.

Due to their family circumstances, the children do not receive the necessary help to be able to advance in their studies in the schools they attend. They are at risk of social exclusion, without parental references, and with a lack of support in their immediate environment, causing delays in their educational skills that do not allow them to follow the classes in the schools they attend.


Hiring a teacher in each of the two ARELA Comprehensive Day Care Centers to provide quality reinforcement during the children’s and adolescents’ study time.

The educational teams of both centers work with them on study habits and with the families on the maintenance of these habits at home, but in many cases, this is insufficient to achieve the school goals. The hiring of a person who works specifically on these aspects with them, who creates materials adapted to their needs, and who has specific training in the school environment, will mean a substantial improvement in this area of intervention.

Objectives of school support

  • Achieve goals set at the academic level
  • Acquisition of study habits and techniques
  • Interest in at least some of the school subjects so that their study is motivating
  • Involvement of families in the school environment